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know your worth-bizsuccor

Know Your Worth -a old watch story

Who knows your value is who appreciate you, don’t stay in place that doesn’t suit you.

believe in yourself

Believe in yourself – how to handle life!

Until this point in time, in case you’re believing that some time or another somebody will come and will assist you with fixing your issues


The Cracked Pot -story of a farmer

Long time ago in a distant land, there was a farmer and he purchased 2 water bottles. But unfortunately, he came across the fact that one of them had a big hole in its bottom.

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Life lessons advice from an 80 year old man bizsuccor

Life lessons advice from an 80 year old man -Bizsuccor

Well, I was scrolling down my Instagram and I found a post, but later I felt that this post would be a huge blessing for someone’s life. Thereafter, I decided to re-post.


Ways to be more productive

No matter what you do and wherever you work, you just want to be more productive in your circle and if you’re looking for ways to be more productive

10 tips to reduce stress during exam

10 Tips to reduce stress during Exams

It is natural to be tense at the time of the examination. But in the same time you can get out of it by reading this article. Here, you will find the effective and workable tips to get out of exam’s stress.