10 Tips to Reduce Stress During Exams

In this post, I am going to talk about ten tips to how to reduce stress during exam. Stress is natural, but exam session comes with the next level of tension. Every student feels the stress of the exam. Here, I come up with some amazing and most effective tips to stay away from the exam anxiety.

1. Time Management:

You all must have heard that the time is the key to success. When you tend to start plan your days, weeks and month as well, and then you would come to know that time has become your friend. So, in order to managing your time you have to set your time-table according to your exam schedule- Decide; “what to do”? “how to read”? “how long and how much”? “when you want to study, late at night or early in the morning”?. Everything plan it and then follow the routine.

For effective study, Set a target for what you want to achieve in your scheduled time it doesn’t matter whether it is 10 minutes or 1 hour, and do not leave it until you get that target! Follow your schedule strictly. Don’t waste even a minute here or there. If you have done better time management, then the thought of examination will not bother you.

2. Better Environment:

In order to reduce stress during exam, It is very important to have good atmosphere for study. Your room should be neat and clean. Get out of everything that isn’t related to your study material. Other than this, your desk must be organized.

The perfect environment for your studies during the examinations, should be the one where you do not have any kind of diversions. You can study in any separate room where you do not have any kind of disturbance. If you want to do effective preparation then you should stay away from TV and music. If you did any inattention in this matter, you will not be able to understand any of your subjects deeply despite your study. Hence, If you have a studious environment then you will feel like reading and you will also be stress free.

3. Optimistic Thinking:

If you want to feel more positive and want to reduce stress during exam, first of all you have to believe in yourself- “how wonderful you are”, “how blessed you are”, “how much capabilities you have”, “what makes you unique”. When you believe in yourself, you will know your self-worth.

Optimistic thinking creates a new strength in your body so be optimistic and keep positive thinking about the exams. By doing so will make you energetic. Believe that you will achieve your goals.

Also think about what’s good with you. Keep a ray of hope in your mind and this will help you in getting stress free. Think positively and do not let your mind stray away. This will help you to stay tension free for a considerable extent.

4. Pressure of Highest Marks:

This pressure is for every student who wants to get a good marks in their class. This is the human nature which is absolutely true. Bringing the highest number of marks in your class and also having name the merit list has become a dream for every student. The next thing that I am going to say, will relate hundred percent to you because this is a wish for every student that they bring the highest marks in their class, no matter how much hard work you might need to do. This is one of the reasons that students take stress in Exam Time.

5. Positive Thinking:

If you want to reduce stress during exam, It is very important to think positively for the exams. If you have a positive viewpoint towards your exams, you may extend your chances of performing well. If you think well then it is good and if you think that bad it is bad. Therefore, it is very important to have a positive thinking. Positive thinking will keep you away from Negative Thoughts as well and keep you away from the stress of studies.

Change the thinking inside your head which is bothering you- “Can I pass the exam?” to “Yes! off-course, I will.” By choosing a positive attitude, you can get more energy and confidence.

6. Take Adequate Breaks:

Tiredness occurs during any physical activity, due to which a person feels sleepy. Sleep is the best way to relax. Sleep has a deep relationship with a healthy person. If you ask any healthy person about the secret of their good health, then you will come to know that their good health is due to taking full sleep. Whenever there is mental activity, there is a lot of need for sleep. So if you want to reduce stress during exam, take at least 7 hours of sleep during the exam. You should not settle for anything lesser than that.

During the exam time, studies can be exhausting, which may be the leading cause of fatigue. Thus, during intensive studies, taking the required regular breaks is beneficial, resulting in lesser stress levels. Consequently, for your health, you should take a break during your studies. The study done with a fresh mind will give you more benefits. Throughout the break time you can talk to your friends, you can stroll a bit, eat some healthy food or fruits. You can also hear soft music which will create a new vibe of energy inside your body.

7. Proper Preparation:

Usually, what happens with most of the students they have fun all year long and when exam time comes, they are very upset and start studying a few days before the exam date, due to which the students become ill. They don’t have enough time to cover all the syllabus. And the stress makes these students mentally ill. It has been found in a research that students who have studied a little over a year are free of stress, rather than those who have not studied at all.

As you all know that there is no alternative way for good preparation. you have to study a lot, you have to pay keen attention with what you are learning. You need to cover all those portion what you want to complete in that specific time. It doesn’t matter how long you have studied, but how much you have studied does. You should take a mini review that how much you have learned out of it, after completing a particular topic. By doing this you would come to know that which topics needs to re-read again.

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8. Avoid Medicine:

Tension is quite common in exam days, It is for every student who is serious about his studies and exams. Therefore, to avoid this anxiety, avoid any sort of medicines and drugs. It has often been found in research that students who are not able to get out of the tension of exams, start using cigarettes, alcohol and other sorts of intoxicants, which would be very harmful to their mental and physical health. So, avoid the medicines to reduce tension in the Exam times.

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9. Balanced Diet is very Important:

Take care of yourself in the time of exam period by eating healthy. Students are habituated to forget their eating habits during studies in Exam Time. But this can have adverse effects on studies. If health is not correct then how can your studies be fruitful? Please note: When you are reading for the exams, your food should be in the priority list. The healthy food can energies your inner system.

In a research, it has been found that while you are reading something, you feel hungry, So you should have some light food after some time. But stay away from most junk food during this time. Do not eat foods that are excessively oily and fatty.

10. Take Time to Exercise:

A shaped body means a healthy mind. Whether you have studied hard or had a full sleep of 7 hours or had good and healthy food but spared no time for exercise then you will definitely become lazy. Exercise helps in giving oxygen to the brain and removes tension as well.

Exercising regularly is considered the best way to reduce the stress of the examination. Regular exercise reduces both physical stress and mental stress. Remember that physical activity is helpful in reducing stress. Deep breathing and prolonged breathing during exercise are beneficial.

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