Congratulations!! You’ve Got Rejected Again -Quotes

If you got rejected again? Congratulations!!

Rejection never means you are not wonderful. You never get rejected without reason, but you always get rejected if you don’t match up with a requirement.

For example- If a size 10 shoe doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t mean you should walk around bare foot, you must try a size 9 and it might suit like a beauty.

It’s just because, you’ve got dismissed, doesn’t mean you are unfit, but it only means you are not fit for that particular situation.

Perhaps that was not your cup of tea. May be your skills are different. Probably you should go somewhere else, try something else, where you might fit better.

May be got rejected again is a just the nature’s call to put where you belong. And let you focus on what you can do best and your strengths.

Go ahead, celebrate your rejections, channelize your energy, be an achiever and go-getter.

Got rejected again? Congratulations!!

Moral: Treat rejections just like stepping stones to success. They are there to motivate you not to push you back further. Take rejections positively along the road to success. Laugh at them and just enjoy the journey!

I would like to remind you once more that If you’ve got rejected again, then Congratulations once again! The bigger thing is that you are trying to achieve something. If you are trying and failing then You should Congratulate yourself. Because most of the people do not even try for achieving something. Situations are like a gust of wind. They Come from one side and go away from other side. If you start complaining to the wind that it did not come then you are the person who is at fault. So, Never underestimate your problems or your ability to deal with it, because you are much more stronger than you think you are.- Amit Masih

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