the Chinese farmer

The Story of a Chinese Farmer -Alan Watts

In this article- The story of a Chinese farmer, you would come to know that you can not predict what is going to be done with you and what will happen if it would be right or wrong. Here, Same thing has been explained by Alan Watts in this example.

Long time ago there was a Chinese farmer, who horse was gone. It ran away and all the neighbors gathered around that evening and said “that’s quite bad” and he said “may be”. The very next day, the horse simply came back and brought along with it a bunch of 7 wild horses.

Then the next day, his son was trying to tame one of those horses while riding it and was thrown off it and broke his leg. And all the neighbors gathered around in the evening and said “well that’s too bad! isn’t it?” and the farmer simply said “may be”. The next day, the conscription officers came around looking for the people to forcibly recruit them for the army, they rejected his son because he was suffering from a broken leg. Again the neighbors gathered around in the evening and said “isn’t that wonderful?” and he simply said again “may be”.

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Moral of the story of a Chinese farmer :

Every cloud has a silver lining.

“The whole process of nature is an integrated process of immense complexity. And it is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens in is either good or bad because you never know. what will be the consequences of the misfortune, or what will be the consequences of the good fortune.” – Alan Watts