Time to Grow -Work From Home

You always have had an excuse that “You don’t have time.” I believe that this is the best time to learn something new that you love most, to explore yourself, to know yourself, to grow your business, to think about solutions to the obstacles you’ve been going through.

I will not talk about how Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting people, how dangerous it is and what precautions you need. I will speak to the straight point. If you’re not serious, you may go through a situation you never expected.

I need you to think seriously and find the solutions you’ve been facing. Make some preparations, this is the right time to research your business. Which product do you need to launch, what audience do you need to target, and what strategies do you need to work on.

I’d suggest that you should invest at least 3-4 hours on yourself. Learn something that is very essential in your work, attend some online courses, and most importantly, do not forget to read at least 1-2 pages that inspire you.

Personally speaking, spend time with your beloved family, too.

Working from home is not so awesome and at the same time, it is not productive. You can be less productive during these times but if you practice some hacks and tricks then you can be the most productive person in the room.

If you are on Work From Home, do your best, get started early, act like you’re in the office, write down your tasks and schedule accordingly. This is the best time to let them know your incredible expertise. Let them know that you are quite capable to manage you’re working on. Eat well, Dress well and Perform well. Take breaks from time to time, keep your area clean, and keep some distance from children and family while working. Provide them with an accurate report/update. Be honest. Do not betray your work.

Prepare a separate space for your work, I know you’re not surrounded by your coworkers. You may not feel that same peer pressure to get things done on time. You may be missing that gossip with your partner, your cup of tea with a friend. Frankly, you may miss that ‘good talk’ about your favorite Boss with your best aide. Com’ on, isn’t it? 😉

That’s okay if you don’t wear your pants 🙂 But be honest and strict with your work.

If your company has given you the opportunity to work from home, then you should respect their restrictions and obligations. Follow their guidelines and let them feel that you care for the company.

(I think companies should have an award named Best Quarantine Employee and give it to the most productive employees, after this quiet time.)

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